A wide choice of wood species, rich colors and many textures enables one to choose a parquet for any design solutions.
Thanks to LIVI parquet engineered board’s upper 8-10mm thickness layer, it is possible to use much softer wood species growing in Lithuania, such as birch, linden, alder, hornbeam, elm, etc., which gives more freedom for designers when choosing materials to implement their ideas.
Industrial studio LIVI parquet focuses to optimally meet designer needs and preferences. The production, due to its sophisticated technology is produced in small quantities, using all possible methods of woodworking.



uosis_medis 1 uosis

A tree with a height of 30-40m and a diameter of up to 120-150cm. Lives 300-400 years. Tree trunk is straight, branches begin very high, has little leaves. The tree is high and has a long form. Bark is gray or dark gray, that’s thickness can reach up to 8 cm. Leaves are of complex shape, up to 20cm in length, consists of 7-15 leaves. The tree requires a lot of moisture and heat.



klevas_medis 2 klevas

A tree with a height of 25-28 m and a diameter of up to 1m. Lives for up to 200-400 years. The trunk is strong, has a lot of leaves, branches begin at a high point. The tree does not like direct sunlight, is not afraid of cold, and requires a lot of moisture.


Black alder

3 juodalksnis juodalksnis2

Black alder can be of 25-30m in height and have a diameter of 60-70cm. Lives for 100-150 years. Leaf crown is cylindrical. The bark is gray or of green-gray color. Leaf length 4-9cm, width – up to 7cm. It does not require a lot of sun nor heat.



azuolas_medis azuolas

A tree with a height of 30-35m and has a diameter of up to 1,3-1,4m. Lives up to 400 years. Wide trunk, branches begin high, has a lot of leaves, bark is gray or dark brown and is up to 5-7cm in thickness. Does not require a lot of sun nor heat. Grows very rapidly.



5 skroblas skroblas_lapai

A tree with a height of 20-25m and a diameter of up to 60-70cm. Lives up to 150-200 years. The leaf crown is up to 25m in diameter. The bark in younger trees is silver, in older ones – dark gray. Leaf length is of 5-15cm, width up to 5cm. The tree loves heat and is not afraid of wind and dryness.



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Birch – the tree which reaches 23-30m in height. A young tree has brown bark of up to 8cm, which later becomes white. Birch wood has yellow-white hue.



7 guoba guoba

A large tree with a rounded crown of leaves. The height can reach 40m, diameter – up to 80cm. Lives up to 400 years. The bark is dark brown. Likes a lot of sun and moisture.