llllentaEngineered wood board parameters:

Thickness: 30-32mm (8mm+22mm)

Width: 170-400mm with a 20mm step

Length: 3000-8000mm

The parquet of such dimensions is especially suitable for heated floor.

Special orders are accepted according to individual customer preferences, for example, fixed dimensions parquet, additional production of decorative inlays, connecting of the parquet, etc.

Most of the production is processed with oil. World’s foremost known producers’ high-quality organic oil is used.








A detailed description of the product:

Product type Four-layer parquet with a fillister (spigot) lock system (tenon – 7mm) basis – three-layer glued furniture pine panel
Number of strips One strip
Floor color Natural, or according to customer’s request
Length x width x thickness 3000-8000mm x 170-400mm x 30/32mm
Surface coating Natural, coated with oil, lacquered
Installation method Glued to the base or attached to the lags
Heated floor Can be laid on a heated base
Wearing layer thickness (mm) 8mm (up to 10mm)
Grooves between the boards Grooves over the entire perimeter
Warranty Warranty for the engineered board construction – unlimited time warranty


Engineered board for LIVI parquet designers

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Our technical capabilities allow designers to fulfill almost all of their ideas thanks to the different textures of wood, oil color coating and the dimensions of the engineered board.

Engineered board’s design (the top layer of – 8-10mm and base – 22mm wood panel) allows you to use not only the most popular oak wood, but other, softer types of wood and choose the wood which is most suitable for the interior and the customer’s taste.


Different boards’ dimensions allow the installation of original textures. In addition, we suggest to purchase decorative board elements, e.g. squares and short boards. Their combination with engineered boards (as usual – another tone) on the floor provides a contrast, geometric pattern look.

Combing – with the help of a metal brush, soft wood layers are removed. Wood terrain becomes explicit and highlights the tree-ring structure. On the board of this type, scratches and cracking are visible.

Waving – waves are artificially made on the edges of the board or through the entire width of the board and changes the entire look of the floor. There may be 2, 4 or more of them. The waves distinguish the background thanks to the lighting in the room and visually create an original pattern.

The different tones of oil coating allows you to select the tone to suit every interior. You can use different tones for each room in the house (e.g. a neutral and a bright tone in the bedroom, and a dark one in the corridor).

A proper laying of the engineered boards gives a wonderful effect – the floor looks as if is made of precious wood species array, but its qualities are much better.

Engineered LIVI parquet board is produced in limited quantities by the orders of the designers. When receiving orders from private customers – we advise to use our design services.

Production time after a placed order – 4-8 weeks.