The benefits of our Livi parquet engineered wood board


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  1. Stability
    Each of the four parquet components (one 8mm precious types of wood or hardwood layer, 3 glued pine wood board layers) provides product stability, good amortization and with time does not appear to crackle while walking on it (Chart No.2). For its strength, the parquet boards can be used not only at home but also in public places (sports halls, hotels and other institutions), which has a particularly large flow of people.
  2. Sound insulation
    Three layers of pine basis (three-layer glued pine wood board) perfectly absorbs noise and heat. In contrast to the parquet with plywood or MDF basis, when sound waves reflect from the surface, the parquet glued on a three-layer pine wood panel absorbs the sound and makes the floor very quiet.
  3. Resistance to moisture
    A particularly thick hardwood layer (8mm), a fillister of 1,5-2 (sometimes longer, being 7mm), when connecting the floorboard comprises a layer of wear, and fillister-carved joints that are isolated with silicone when laying the floor. All this ensures parquet’s high resistance to moisture (6 water resistance levels, chart No.1).
  4. Longevity
    The practicality of the floor is highly dependent on the upper (wearing) layer thickness. Popular floorboards are 13-16mm in thickness and have a hardwood layer up to 4mm. Typically, these kind of floor will take no more than a few polishings. Engineered board of 30-32mm thickness with 8mm hardwood layer can be polished and renewed for 8-10 times (every 5-7 years). These floors are especially durable and you will be able to enjoy them for generations to come.
  5. Suitable heated floors
    An original four (1+3) layers parquet structure and special drying (dried at low temperatures) enables 100% reduction in natural deformation of the material in cases of temperature and humidity changes. Such parquet quality is ideal for heated floors.
  6. Convenience
    Connecting boards with fillister-carve and engineered boards’ length can be of up to 8m, which greatly facilitates their installation.
  7. A wide choice of wood
    Thick, worn layer provides the ability to use not only hardwood, but as well the softer wood – e.g. birch, maple, linden, alder, etc.. A wide choice of wood species, rich colors and many textures enable one to choose ideal parquet for any design solutions.