gofilosofEngineered boards are manufactured according to the old, already a traditional become technology, which since 1941 the Swedish businessman Gustav Kerr adapted in the production of parquet. Parquet made according to this technology is stable, because it consists exclusively of massive boards, which is a considerable parquet advantage.

The desire to preserve the forest and at the same time produce a unique product is completely incompatible with mass production to the consumer. For this very reason, our approach to each customer is individual, and in every case we create a unique flooring design. For this purpose, a variety of different widths of the engineered boards are used, which makes the floor unique and exclusive.

Engineered boards come in various sizes – from 3 to 8m in length and 17cm to 40cm in width.
A natural wood texture is more highlighted on the long engineered boards. Each board is made with individual width and amounts to 20mm with a step. Such engineered boards composition conveys a unique natural beauty. Each board is unique, thus the board’s composition conveys the charm of nature and creates the illusion of nature. Everything is unique, because in nature, there is nothing uniform, recurrent and symmetric.

filosofijaParquet, made of natural wood helps to maintain a healthy and safe living environment and promotes health. Due to these floors, every home will not only become cozy, but also be an inspiring and energetic place.

After coming home and walking on our unique floor, you will feel as you are in a natural shelter and feel as if the spirit of the forest came to your home and settled here.


Engineered parquet base consists of pine – from 3-4 layers of lamella glued together. This stable and robust construction does not deform even in case of atmospheric influences.

A thick top layer is resistant to wear, which can be re-polished and renewed for many times. This type of floor does not require any special care and is not afraid of heavy weight. This type floor is very durable. Like a fine wine – an engineered board, made from natural wood becomes only better with time.

During the production of our parquet, almost no waste is left. Any remaining waste is used in the drying chambers and are for industrial and domestic space heating, bringing no harm to the environment and nature. The unique method of handmade parquet manufacturing requires significant effort, therefore the product is produced only in limited quantities, with the priority for the designers’ orders.


les5The discovery of parquet boards was caused by the most basic doors and the Kerr family head. It all started from a Swedish man Johan Kerr’s love for the wood. He lived in the heart of the Swedish forests, a small town in those days – Niubro. His grandson Gustav Kerr supported the love for the wood, and later he became the founder of his own door manufacturing company founders (and later – floor coverings). For the manufacturing of doors, in 1919, he created a new method, which enables the assembly of doors from lamella – multiple wooden segments glued together. By using this method, the doors made had a very solid structure, which disregarded the temperature and humidity fluctuations. But the real point of reference for the establishment of parquet, was the subsequent period – 1941, when Gustav’s Kerr door structure made from lamella (segments) principle has been successfully adapted in the manufacturing of flooring. In that year, the businessman became the nominal three-layer parquet patent owner.

As time demonstrated, the invention of parquet was one of the most successful and promising inventions of humanity in flooring production. Another innovation, without which today it would be impossible to imagine modern parquet is the varnishing with a protective coating layer, which was first carried out in 1958 in the same company. Creative Gustav Kerr solutions in this area were not limited only by these two inventions – in 1965 he patented a sport parquet board, made by a whole new board laying principle: the spring and resilient floor effect was reached due to laying the parquet on the lags, what has never been done before. Now all modern sports halls and indoor sports halls, that have flooring made of parquet, have the floors blanketed by this technology.


Best of luck to you all!

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