Wood panels, as a parquet base advantages in comparison with chipboard and plywood

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  1. Stability
    Natural wood has the ability to deform from inner tension. To avoid this, in the wood panel, narrow (20-40mm) lamella is glued over the width (6-8 lamellas per layer), after which three layers are glued to each other in length. The resulting material – actually a monolith, absolutely resistant to deformation, temperature and humidity fluctuations. This gives our product a truly unique stability.
  2. Sound insulation
    Compared with the parquet on plywood or on the MDF basis – our product is unique because of the special manufacturing technology and is virtually silent (quiet). Sound waves from a lot harder upper layer (oak) travels into much softer pine base, consisting of three layers, and disappears.
  3. Heat
    Main technique – three layers glued girder, that thickness is 22mm, and the upper hardwood (8mm) layer constitutes the entire board’s thickness in the range of 30 to 32mm. Parquet of such thickness is ideal for their installation in conjunction with underfloor heating systems. Such floor will always provide warmth and comfort.
  4. Moisture control
    This is a unique wood (pine) feature – to maintain indoor humidity optimality. Wood absorbs an increased amount of moisture from the air and when the microclimate changes, if the moisture content decreased, it gives the before absorbed moisture back. In this way, the wood itself supports the microclimate by regulating the humidity changes.
  5. Ecology
    All over the world, people pay more attention to their health and environmental protection. Given the opportunity, everyone choses to use natural materials in the construction and repair of own home. Wood is a unique, natural, eco-friendly and completely harmless material to the health. Products made of glued wood, even after many years, retains all of its consumer properties, where chipboards and plywood, over time, begin to decompose and release into the air harmful to the health, glue dust. Of course, breathing such contaminated air every day is harmful to your health.