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In our case, engineered boards’ laying, due to fillister-carved lock can be placed directly onto the concrete, and even be attached to lags. This technology is less complex and is faster than when plywood is laid onto concrete, on which, with the help of glue and wooden screws, the parquet is laid.
Concrete base is cleaned of dust and dirt. Then, on big fundament staples glue is put, and only then – the engineered board itself. Easy to install. Very accurate geometrical dimensions simplify the installation.


ukladka fotoAt any standard apartment, the engineered board can be laid in just 1-2 days without any noise and dirt. Laid floors are poured on with oil and oiled with a spatula. The procedure is repeated several times. The oil penetrates the top layer of the board and the gaps between the boards – it includes additional protection against moisture. Finally, the floor is polished.

It is recommended to use oil, but not to lacquer the floors in rooms where there is exposure to extreme temperature and humidity changes, or heated floors.
Oil may contain either soft or solid wax, can be colorless or tinted (giving necessary wood surface color).

Engineered wood boar floors to not require any special care. They must be cleaned normally, like any other floor and will serve you for many years.